Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Counting Sheep

Rhetorical question: How many projects must I destroy before I understand the importance of measurements?

On Monday, I was inspired to tackle more Christmas tree ornament creations. I'd had success with the first batch but was even more inspired by this beautiful ornament that looks like snow fell on it.

It had taken trips to Michael's AND the dollar store, but finally I'd assembled the whole cast of necessary items - including glue sticks that actually worked with my hot glue gun. These instructions of the project are thorough and easy to understand...except, apparently, the part about the diameter of the felt circles.

I was lucky enough to get the right materials at a great price. Snow-white felt was 29 cents at Michael's, and Dollar Tree four two-inch styrofoam balls for - you guessed it - $1. The ribbon is just cut from strips of red velvet ribbon I got at the dollar store...and voila! I had my pallet for creativity.

Since I didn't have anything that was a two inch circle, I instead relied on a beautiful but nearly useless dollar coin that was spewed upon me by the ticket machine in the D.C. metro.

Whether I was distracted by the beautiful gold of the dollar coin or by the West Wing episodes I had on in the background (season three, for those of you who understand or care why these particular episodes were so distracting!), I never considered the fact that small circles would be much harder to deal with in numerous ways.

After three West Wing episodes and numerous burns from the hot glue gun, I was tired and bored of dealing with teeny little felt "cones" and not even one ornament was completed.

Inspired by a little second-grade level creativity, I got out a marker and made this cute little sheep instead. It's very Nativity Scene-esque, isn't it?

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