Thursday, November 10, 2011

Baby's First Haircut

I failed miserably at my first attempt at mowing a lawn. I should start by saying that I didn't want to mow the lawn. I loved the way-too-overgrown look that allowed the grass to wave in the wind as if it were a country field instead of just another manicured lawn in the middle of the city.

But since I really want to avoid getting another anonymous, passive-aggressive note, I decided to tackle the task. Plus, I think there are city codes about how tall grass should be. (I can actually hear Arizona legislators complaining about needless government in my head as I type that...I need to get out more.)

The good news: I learned a LOT.

The bad news: Until I learned a lot, I didn't know how important it was for the lawn to be totally dry. I'd stopped watering it a few days ago and thought it was okay to drag a big machine over it. It wasn't.

So now the edges of my lawn are a short, trampled mess, while the middle of the lawn is still long and carefree. Maybe I'll start a trend?

After shedding a few tears of frustration (it was dark, thankfully...which leads me to another lesson I learned: mow when the sun is up), I shoved the lawnmower back in the garage and watched the Country Music Awards show instead of being productive in any way. Hopefully I'll have a more optimistic outcome to report this weekend when the lawnmower test occurs again. Otherwise, I'll come up with a great argument about how I'm turning my yard into a golf course and this is the way it's supposed to look.

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  1. Anyone can mow a lawn in a boring old pattern~ you have shown creativity! I think you should mow it in a design that would provide a nice message to the helicopters flying overhead on their medical flights. You could have a contest on the blog for ideas. :-)