Saturday, October 22, 2011

Six-Month Check Up

Last week I celebrated the six-month anniversary of when I moved into my home. Since I'm a self-critical perfectionist who tends to focus only on what has not been done, or what has not been done correctly, I thought I'd take this opportunity to invite you to join me on a progress check as I prove that this house really has evolved greatly from when I first fell in love with it.

I didn't take many pictures of the managed chaos that filled my house when I moved furniture and belongings into it, so we'll have to start with photos I took when my realtor first walked me through The House That Would Be Mine.

Everything, as you'll see, was yellowish-beige. The closest color match I've been able to find is entitled "Necessary Hue." Unromantic, unless of course "hue" makes you think of "Hugh Grant." Hmmm...

The living room had water damage around all the baseboards - but fortunately, the baseboards had soaked up the water rather than the wall. These gorgeous shutters were already installed - thank you, former owner!

After the addition of furniture, Graceful Grey paint, and IKEA bookshelves, here's my still-in-progress living room:

The kitchen hasn't changed at all, but the adorable breakfast nook has undergone a rather radical transition from this:

To this:

I've poured hours of work and worry into the dining room, which is my pride and joy. The Room with A Window (and horrible brass light)... has mossy green walls, a unique lamp (that's where the hours of worry came in...I'll share stories at some point), a bookshelf and a buffet table. Eventually there will be a cozy reading nook there, too - my version of the perfect day revolves around books and food.

The guest bathroom was already lovely:

But now it's much more "beachy."

Of course, there's the transformation of the hallway to stripes.

And though you couldn't tell at a casual glance, the yards have come quite a long way too. Six months ago, the backyard was filled with weeds and a horrible needle-tipped century plant that declared war on me and every hose I dared to bring into the yard.

Thanks to a daring father who tackled my nemesis The Evil Plant and a hula hoe that loves to eat weeds for lunch, the yard is still bare but more loved.

And the front yard...well, the front yard's had some tough love. The dead grass and sloppy shrubs that lived here then...

...have been torn up very, very slowly. My neighbor says my approach to yardwork exhibits "the patience of Job." I think it just illustrates my lack of knowledge about just about anything. Either way, there's been some progress. The horrible fake hanging plants are gone, as are the scalloped brick borders. Some of the dead shrubs are gone, and there are once again purple flowers on the bushes in front of the window.

And perhaps in the near future, I'll have an even bigger progress report for the front yard! *Insert mysterious music here*

So there it is - six months of progress. Not bad, for a girl so afraid of putting down roots that she broke out in a cold sweat at the idea of having to sign a one-year lease for an apartment! A big "thank you" to all of my friends who read this blog and are sharing the journey with me.


  1. Great job! If only I could recruit you to get me moving on more condo projects!

  2. Your house is looking great! :) Love all the transformations.