Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Front Porch Seasonal Welcome

After several days of crazy winter weather in Pinetop, AZ, I was even more ready to celebrate fall in Phoenix! I splurged on $45 worth of flowers from Home Depot yesterday (it was on the way home and after four and a half hours of driving, I wasn't going a mile farther than I had to!), and this morning gave them pretty, colorful homes on my front porch.

I learned that plant stands are every bit worth the $15 I paid for them (I got others for less through Craigslist). They protect my concrete patio and make this display look much nicer with varied levels.

I'd purchased a hanging flower basket when I first moved in, and managed to keep it alive until summer hit with full force. I saved the hanging pot, though, and put in new flowers rather than spending another $25 for a new one! (In the background you can see my orange bougainvillea, which is going crazy with flowers this week - I think it understands how lovely it blends with the other decorations!)

Now I'm off to continue my fall celebrations with a cup of hot tea...and the four hundred e-mails I couldn't read while I was without internet access in Pinetop.


  1. It's quite charming! I love your use of color! The turquoise pot is my favorite.

    I'm your newest follower. :)

  2. Cute! I heart fall entrance decor. Love it! I need more plants lol.

  3. Aww! It's a real home!