Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men

I started last month with a list of projects I planned to accomplish in the next 30 now I'm here to tell you that in September, I accomplished absolutely none of them. I did get some things done, as you can see from the month's worth of blog posts, but none of them were the projects I'd hoped to complete.

I did attempt to use the room planner, as I discussed here. Armed with my design, I got bookshelves and a new desk (the current one was a craigslist treasure in my small apartment, but is way too small to be useful now that I have room for desk space) that were part of this delightful delivery from IKEA.

I had every intention of following my plan perfectly, but temporarily put everything against one wall after I had assembled it...and loved it that way!

The color in that photograph is awful (should have closed the windows before I clicked away!) and there's a long way to go on this guest room/office, but at least this half is on its way to being awesome! I love to work in here, where I can stare out the window and daydream. Next step: much-needed cord storage and wall paint that covers all the swatches that have been hanging out on the walls since shortly after I moved in.

Full disclosure: in case you aren't addicted to IKEA enough to have already caught this, my accidental design is inspired by this magazine cover.

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