Thursday, September 15, 2011

Making Prescott Shorter

Tonight I felt like painting. Nothing impressive, since I'm far too tired this week to tackle a whole room or neck-breaking trim I got out the supplies I bought weeks ago with big plans for painting a subway sign.

Other bloggers have done this project with great success, and I've enjoyed reading about it here, here and here. Armed with these bloggers' great experiences, I delved into the project. I jotted down a list of places, concepts and things to mix together so the signs would communicate "a few of my favorite things" to anyone who happened to look.

I failed to properly account for my impatience with mathematics.

I didn't know it then, but my project was doomed from this first step: I failed to properly measure for the 2" letters I had purchased at Michael's. I thought this sketch would do the trick. (Bonus points for you if you notice the hidden message in the darker letters...I had hopes that I could paint those letters in yellow rather than leaving them white, so the hidden message would run throughout each line of my sign.)

At first I just tried placing the sticky letters in a straight line by looking at it closely. That didn't work. I can only imagine how awful this would have looked once the canvas was painted black! (One bonus point if you know what word was going to be at the top of my sign even without looking at the sketch above.)

So I took off the letters, got out two (TWO!) ruler mechanisms and made pencil marks all over the beautiful, clean canvas.

When I got to the end of the canvas, I realized one of my problems: the canvas lied. It introduced itself as 24" but didn't quite make it there. (Kind of like my statements that I'm 5'3", I guess...)

I decided to just roll the letters off the top and bottom a little to account for the slightly-smaller-than-advertised canvas, and placed the letters on the canvas again. The first word went on well - it's straight, it fit, it's ready to go. The second word...not so much. Here's where I realized the error of incorrect measurements. Poor Prescott, it fell off the canvas. Anyone who has spent any time in Prescott knows it won't fall off the left wing at any point; my canvas made political miracles happen.

Faced with another failure, I did what any responsible blogger would do. I gave up, left the mess and ate ice cream before going to sleep. Maybe inspiration will strike again tomorrow.


  1. Okay, now, that was a hilarious blog entry- it made me literally lol (and how many times does "lol" really mean what it says?) I did get the bonus points too! (bragging a little)
    Yay for ice cream therapy!

  2. I am chuckling. Really. I wish I had been there to be a part of this experience! It brings back memories of you trying to teach me to knit. My measurements were definitely off.

    I like the "secret message" and applaud the ingenious creativity. I hope you get it figured out and think the final result will be stunning.

  3. I'd just like to say the boards are a thousand times cooler in person than they even look in photos. It truly is amazing. If I had been anywhere nearly as cool as this, I'd do a board myself. But my board would consist of like "I-10 East", or "Val Vista Rd" and it just doesn't have the same visual appeal :)