Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thoughts from A Design Star Photo Follower

I don't have a TV, as you may know, and that limits my ability to follow important world news like who won HGTV's Design Star earlier this week. I have never watched an edition of the show, but discovered at the beginning of this season that they post wonderful "summary" photos after every episode. I eagerly awaited each week's successes and failures, and think I got a good sense of the contestants' personalities just from the photos and descriptions (I was thrilled when Cathy went home!).

So it came down to the final two contestants and earlier this week I eagerly checked out this photo collection to see who won. It provides a great example of each week's work.

*Spoiler alert* I'm not really happy with the winner. I liked Karl's designs every week, and he became my favorite when he painted that not-quite-perfect chair rail that looked like the beach.

They posted pictures of some before and afters from Meg's upcoming show, though, and I have to admit I really like all of them. It's always fun to watch other people decorate while I relax...

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  1. i completely agree with you (especially about cathy being sent home!). while i don't mind meg's rooms, karl is truly a designer and meg is more of a decorator. almost every detail he put into his room had a function, usually two, while meg's rooms were purely decorated with little regard to how the room is used and lived in. and the ultimate prize in the end is a television show (and i read how you don't have a tv) but i found meg much more abrasive on screen than karl.