Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Let the Festivities Begin

I'm learning that a little goes a long way when it comes to holiday decorating. I'm pretty crazy about autumn/Thanksgiving decorations, however, and since I hate Halloween I think I deserve to overdo it on the autumn theme. To kick off my efforts, I got these great little pumpkins - a whole bag of them for $5 at Safeway! They're now on the buffet table in my dining room...

Accompanying my evening entertainments... (speaking of which, if you haven't already seen National Georgraphic's documentary "The President's Photographer," you should check it out. Netflix has it.)

(Please ignore all those unsightly cords - this is still a work in progress!)

And preparing to settle next to any cup of hot tea I put on the table in the mornings...and evenings. (I'm convinced if I drink enough hot tea, the 105 degree weather will begin to feel appropriate for the late-September season.)

And lest you did not notice this on your own, let me point to the table featured in that last photograph. I am mad about this unique find from Ross - can't you just picture Ernest Hemingway sitting next to it? It was $50, rather steep for Ross, but of course I snatched it up - literally - and ran for the cash register.

My new coffee table/footstool was another great Ross victory. I found this exact same product on (or, since they seem to be trying to go with that totally lame moniker) but couldn't bring myself to pay the $300 they demanded. The table is perfect for my living room - each of those four cushions flip to be either a soft place for feet or a table. And because Ross rode in to the rescue, I paid only $120.

(Almost forgot, the mirror in the first picture is from Ross as well. $25! Cost Plus wanted four times that much for a very similar mirror.)

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  1. The picture with the Sunset magazine looks like an should get paid...cause suddenly it makes me want to prioritize reading my copy over the latest celebrity blog site, so the marketing is working!