Friday, September 23, 2011

Follow the Not-Real-Brick Road

I reached a level of daring one night this week that can only be caused by a really discouraging meeting with my landscaper (since when did DIRT cost more than a vacation?!) and a long day at work. These daring moods can be dangerous - they usually lead to me hurting myself or throwing a paintbrush across the room, sometimes in that order. This one, however, worked out okay.

My co-worker/neighbor bragged about a concrete stain that he'd discovered, and very kindly gave me an entire can that he had left over. It looked great on his patio so I got out a paint roller and delved in on my front walkway.

This walkway has been the topic of much discussion lately. If I had won the lottery recently, it would be factored into my landscape plan as a lovely brick path that guided salesmen to my door. (I can't believe the number of solicitors who stop by every day in this neighborhood!) Since I am not independently wealthy and I happen to like the original walkway, this is what I have:

(Note: that is not an unwanted solicitor, but the cutest and most wonderful just-turned-two-year-old nephew on earth.)

Armed with a can of concrete stain and a rebellious attitude about the expensive landscaping decisions I have to make, I tackled the walkway.

It's not perfect because I didn't do it right. I need to touch up the edges with a brush - the roller, understandably, was limited in its ability to adequately dance with the weeds that line part of the sidewalk - but tadaaa it is definitely an improvement. A bright one. Thankfully, it didn't scare away my friends the neighborhood cats: an adorable little furry creature plopped down next to the walkway as soon as I'd gone inside. I think that means I did a good job of making it appear welcoming.

Lest you believe my statements that I have somehow become spontaneous, I will assure you I was not as calm about this project as I may appear. After I put away the painting tools, I failed to sleep for most of the night - I lay awake wondering how I could remove the color and kicking myself for doing something drastic to the appearance of my home when the sun had already set. (I hate it when logic reigns after I do something stupid.) My fears disappeared in the morning when I confirmed that it really does look great. Now I just have to cut down on the amount of dirt in my yard so I don't have a display of my postal worker's shoe tread on the sidewalk every day...


  1. Thank you for a fun couple of days and for allowing me to add to the dusty footprints!

  2. That solicitor makes my heart skip a beat...look at the dedication in those pudgy lil legs to make it all the way & not shortcut across the yard!