Thursday, September 1, 2011

Coming Soon to A Blog Near You

I'm in the middle of numerous projects, and work has been ridiculously busy so I haven't had time to share any of them yet. So instead of working on them (it was an exhausting day that zapped all creative tendencies from my brain), I'll share with you my daydreams for future projects.

This one is at the top of my list because it's gorgeous and would fit with just about every room in my house. Shabby Creek Cottage outlines it in a way that makes it look easy. And after pouring over the translated-into-English lyrics of every Andrea Bocelli song, I even know which words I'll use on the lamp.

September is the month that I build a raised garden bed like this one.

The experts say Phoenix becomes habitable again to plant life in September and though it's hard to believe them when it's still a non-rainy 112 degrees every day, I will demonstrate my faith by creating a lovely home for the herb garden I hope to have when it cools down.

Also at the top of the list: creative window frosting. The simple glass in the back door freaks me out at night since any tall person walking by could see inside. I love this one for the back door:

And the idea of using a paint pen to add some privacy is likely going to happen in the guest room:

At some point, I'm going to spend some quality time with this room design tool to figure out the plan for my office space. I received a notice today that my degree had been conferred and would arrive in two months (good grief, are they sending it on a European vacation before I get to see it?!) so I'd like to have my office properly set up to receive it in it's spot on the wall. With a spotlight or two highlighting it. And maybe some neon paint to use around it so no one ignores it. (Just kidding, of course! I'd never use neon paint and I'm sure only one spotlight will suffice. Maybe.)

And last but not least, I need to get more curtain rings! (Maybe a Goodwill trip next week for 50% off day will solve this?) My purses have become quite unruly, and this is a great idea that won't take up hanger space.

Dreaming up projects is so much faster than actually doing them.

P.S. None of these projects are included in the supplies I posted in my eclectic stash...those projects are still yet to be identified, except for the Kilz reveal that happened earlier. *mysterious sound effect*

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  1. Great ideas! Anna told me about your blog today and I was excited to get home and look you up. I wish I had seen you in person!! I pray that your day went well and look forward to vicariously living through you in your future blogs. Hugs!