Monday, September 12, 2011

Color Week:Stripes!

After enjoying the fresh paint in the hallway for awhile, I was ready to tackle a brave new world: stripes.

I've poured over online instructions to learn from the advice and mistakes of others. Young House Love and Living with Lindsay were the most helpful; after reading their details, I even splurged on the Edge Lock paint tape. Outcome: it's worth every penny! The tape is thinner and more flexible than normal paint tape, so it fits into every texture and prevents those annoying microdrips of paint that can be seen from a mile away to a perfectionist's trained eye.

This was one of those projects that makes you think, for just a moment, that maybe all the math you took in school had a point after all. I followed YHL's advice and calculated the exact measurements of each stripe (about 5.8 inches). It made almost no difference whatsoever. If you were to measure my stripes they're not exact, but thankfully even I can't tell.

The prep work, I will admit, was the hardest project I've undertaken so far. It involved lots of trial and error, and a LOT of pencil marks. I created new yoga positions while I tried to hold the level while writing on the wall.

The painting itself was easy, and incredibly fun. I obediently peeled off the tape as soon as I'd finished painting...and voila!

I cleaned my brush, packed up all the equipment and put it neatly in the "paint cabinet," then turned around and saw this...

My plan of doing only one wall didn't work when viewed at this angle - it looked very odd. So I got all the equipment back out, measured still more perfect lines, and completed the project with this extra wall of stripes...

So there you have it - two more products revealed in my stash of Important Things!

I love the way the stripes look but if I were doing it again, I'd pick a paint that was in the same finish as the base color. The lighter stripe is in eggshell; it's nice and it looks sleek, but in an ideal world I'd pick the same finish and just go with the lighter color.

Also, I'd stock up on erasers if I were ever to attempt this project again. I went through three mechanical pencils erasing the pencil marks on the wall, even after I painted over most of them!


  1. I LOVE how you went around the corner & did the short wall. This looks amazing! Plus, your house has strong lines to it, so this compliments the style perfectly.

  2. Oh, it's better than I had imagined it would be! I am so proud of all your amazing projects on your wonderful home...