Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Color Week: Tie A Napkin Round Your Neck and We'll Provide the Rest

On to Color Week Declaration #2: the dining room has become lovely. Of course, there are countless details still to go, but the walls are exactly what I dreamed they would be.

The prep work for the room was legen...wait for it...dary. My superskilled father helped create another air intake for the a/c system, but that difficult process had left this odd little hole in the dining room wall.

A very helpful Home Depot employee (his name was Bob...with his amazing knowledge of home repair issues, he could have been Bob the Builder) provided a suggested process for repairing it, so I went home armed with a square of sheetrock (NOT, as I originally thought, a Flintstones prop), joint compount, drywall tape and spackle. Seriously. The girl who didn't even know what a ratcheting screwdriver was a year ago has come quite a long way.

I was too focused on the task at hand (i.e. inhaling as little drywall dust as possible while going through multiple sheets of sandpaper) to take many pictures through the process; halfway through this was the not-so-beautiful status of my wall repair.

Another 24 hours of plastering and drying allowed me to retexture the area to match the rest of the wall as closely as possible, and the result is something that makes me pretty proud (baseboard is still to come, so that will make it even better):

If you're like me, you may find yourself staring at the lovely green color in that picture! When this home became mine, the dining room was (of course) beige-yellow:

This was the one room that immediately inspired me - possibly because I'd collected magazine clips of moss-green rooms for as long as I can remember. The sample on the wall in that picture was my first attempt, but it was much too dark.

So I turned to Behr's Environmental, partly because it is the perfect color and partly because I really do love the name they picked for it. Tadaaaaaaa!

It's perfect - I find myself sitting in the dining room just to stare happily at the walls. Much more to come as I decorate those bare walls and fill the great furniture I have in the room, including my long-coveted buffet sidebar.

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  1. You realize that you snuck in an Xavier appreciated comment with Bob the Builder, right?!?! Auntie Beth is such a softie!! :)

    LOVE the beautiful new corner. Double LOVE the green paint. Triple HATE the gold chandelier.