Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Color Week: Guest Bath

I am impressed with professional bloggers who manage to schedule all their projects so they can chat about something any given day of the week. I seem to tackle more than I can ever finish, so I'm stuck with multiple projects that will be really impressive...when I finally finish them, weeks or months down the road. (Also, I'm completing a great project that can't be revealed until it's delivered to a certain soon-to-be two-year-old later this month!)

This week, as the subject of this post suggests, has been dubbed "Color Week." I get to share all the victories I've had with a paintbrush - these projects have really made my home feel like mine, rather than feeling like the greatest house-sitting job I've ever had.

For the first edition of Color Week, I present my guest bathroom.

When I fell in love with the house, this room looked like this:

It's gorgeous. The natural lighting gives the benefits of being outside without the pesky reminders of heat and looming yardwork, and the tile shower provided the most notable evidence of upgrades the previous owner completed. Like almost every other room of the house, however, the beige-yellow (bellow? beigow?) walls were a little too much to take - especially in the room where guests are supposed to feel relaxed first thing in the morning. Thus, I took a few minutes away from my schoolwork to tackle this careful tape job in preparation for when I'd have time to get out the paintbrush.

A little painting and a LOT of prep work later, I had my first perfect room: a beachy oasis that is incredibly soothing and fun.

The wall color looks blue, but is actually Behr's Silverware - a combination of just white and a little black. Extra special: it's the color that was on the walls of the house where I lived as a kid.

A shopping trip to Ross provided some fun/useful accents for the room. The old-style Mason jars hold things like extra toothbrushes and cotton balls, and eventually that gorgeous Italian glass bottle will hold a "message in a bottle" with details about the history of my half-a-century-old house. I also have details that will add more fun to the room once I display them: a lovely conch shell from a friend, and shells from a memorable trip I took to Mexico.

It's not my sister's style of Color Week, but it's a great start to the hours of painting I still have to do!


  1. So glad you changed that color! lol... I love the new one, and I am really surprised to hear that Behr has sold the same color for so long! I guess I assumed they changed them out like lipstick or nail polish shades.

  2. No kidding, Sarah - I can't even get Bath and Body Works to carry my lotion for more than one season!

    There weren't any paint samples or chips for the Silverware, but my dad remembered the paint name. When I asked, Home Depot still had the color ratio in their stuff.