Friday, September 9, 2011

Color Week: Graceful Grey

Once I had the dining room painted, the living room looked even worse by comparison. The beige-yellow was better in the living room than anywhere else in the house, but it wasn't what I wanted to live in for any longer.

(I miss that cat!)

Every month that I lived here brought additional color splotches on the wall but I never liked any of them.

I even brought in a renowned color consultant to help, but he got rather obsessed with the blue samples.

My mood board brilliance didn't provide the necessary inspiration (brilliant phrase, Sarah!) for picking a paint color, either. So I just picked a color I liked at Home Depot, bought a gallon of it, proudly and decidedly brought it home, painted a sample on the wall...and hated it.

I'll never quite understand how Behr's Graceful Grey and I ended up becoming friends after that terribly first impression, but a couple of days later I just started painting one wall and fell in love with it.

My been-dropped-too-many-times camera didn't pick up the color well but you get the general idea. It's grey and it's gorgeous and it does not fit at ALL with the mood board I designed for this room; but I feel much more inspired with that color on the walls, and it's lovely to walk in and see such a peaceful color. It reminds me of this painting, which has always been a special part of homes I've had.

Prediction: once the mysterious contents of the IKEA boxes are set up, the living room may be my favorite room of all.

The IKEA projects have to wait, but the living room paint job used several of the mystery items I bought at Home Depot last week!

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  1. The blue sample our Oh So Cool Designer is holding looks strangely familiar to the color in your kitchen...I think he's onto something!! I may have him try out for the next Dress My Crib series.