Monday, August 8, 2011

Thoughts from A Higher Altitude

I escaped to Flagstaff for a very mini-vacation this weekend, and reminded myself what it's like to NOT live in an oven. (The answer: "very nice.") I ran out of things to do pretty quickly since I forgot my hiking shoes, but that was good too - I needed time to just relax and not live life off a checklist. I intended to take all sorts of photos to inspire me but let's face it...if it grows in Flagstaff it probably wouldn't work in my Phoenix yard anyway. So instead here's a random assortment of thoughts and photos from The Relaxed Mind of Beth. Sorry that some of the photos are poor quality - consider it your reminder to never buy another Blackberry.

Random Thought #1: Clocks Cover a Multitude of Flaws

There are beautiful clocks around Flagstaff and, whether they work or not, they make any scene classy. I may build a clock tower in my front yard to try to help the neighbors forget that I haven't fixed up the lawn yet.

Terrible picture but the lit-up area at the top of this wall is a beautiful clock. It wasn't beautiful enough to make it fun to stand around with hundreds of kids waiting for the outdoor viewing of "A Bug's Life," but it was nice enough to snap a picture.

Random Thought #2: Politics Can Be Interesting

I have ceased (at least temporarily) to be fascinated by the quirks of Arizona politics, but the passionate fight against snow made of effluent water was pretty interesting. I neither ski nor understand the details of Native American heritage so I am completely neutral on this one (plus, I promised I'd never talk about politics on this blog) and it was very interesting to see the myriad approaches to protests across town. This was my favorite bumper sticker.

But this was interesting, as well.

Random Thought #3: Flower Boxes are Magical

Seriously, isn't this beautiful? I liked it better than Juliette's balcony look, but then again flowers are more practical than poetry.

Random Thought #4: Hippies Like Good Music

Cheers for Calexico and, in particular, trumpet player and my cousin-by-marriage-twice-removed Jacob Valenzuela!

Random Thought #5: Gardens Should Be Colorful...and Edible

This garden was just a brick-enclosed area on a busy street corner. It's breathtaking!

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