Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Snob Tax

It's a crazy week so I don't have much to share, except for this thought: do you think there is an invisible, unspoken assessment on everything purchased in Scottsdale? On my way to dinner with my friend Suzanne (wonderful company, good pizza!) I stopped by an eclectic place called The Nest. It was the latest in my reality TV series "locally owned home decor shops" (not coming soon to a Tivo near you), but it couldn't compare to the oddities of Razmataz. Some of the furniture at The Nest was gorgeous and they had beautiful accessories, but I really think some of the lamps were purchased at IKEA and then marked up 1000% through the unspoken Snob Tax.

I had a truly wonderful time tonight, but Scottsdale makes me grateful for downtown Phoenix. I'll take the food tax and non-plastic people anyday!

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