Thursday, August 11, 2011


Last night I had a few moments of out-of-school-boredom and I took an online test with examples of the foreign service exam. (Lest you ask, no I am not taking the foreign service exam...especially not since I almost flunked the sample test last night!) In the "even a 3-month-old could answer this question" column (which they put more nicely: "general knowledge") there was a question about what the bottom tagline of an e-mail was called. I mention this partly because it was one of the few questions I got right and partly because I thought of the word "signature" again when I read a post about Ethan Allen's style signature test.

Still stinging from my near-failure at the foreign service exam questions, I was grateful for the simpler topics of the Ethan Allen inquiry. No words, even - just pictures! And not the IKEA instructional pamphlet kind of pictures, either...these are real, actual, easy to understand photographs. You should try it for yourself...but not until you finish reading this so you can see how entertaining I am.

I flew through the test, delighted by the beautiful pictures. I anxiously awaited the results and was *tadaaa* deemed to be "vintage."

Slightly deterred by the wild west-ish appearance of that photo, I moved on to discover really beautiful rooms that did, in fact, capture my style.

Except for maybe this super-flowery thing they have going on in the living room:

I decided to get creative and picked all different pictures each time in order to see different results. I loved something from all of them. I loved the Romance signature living room:

I loved the Modern signature living room, except of course for those turquoise walls...and that tripod lamp is what I've been ogling in the Pottery Barn catalog for months.

The Elegant signature stretched my comfort zone a little, but definitely provided things I would love to try in any room - like the comfortable glamour of that living room:

The Explorer signature style was gorgeous and reminds me of everything I've ever bought or dreamed of buying from Cost Plus (I'm pretty sure Ethan Allen would hate me for comparing his stuff to Cost Plus but he'll have to get over it). And there's that lamp again!

EVERY single one of those signatures is my style. No wonder I can't decide on a living room wall color.


  1. If you go with the Romance living room, I'll make sure Xavier comes over in gloves & booties to be properly prepared :)


    The Paranoid Parent of a Toddler

  2. Anna, you're goofy. White IKEA furniture can all be washed and bleached...not that I'd ever actually trust myself enough to get it.

  3. Yup, I'm "Vintage" too... though in more ways than one :-) Didn't like any of the choices they had though, so I don't think it really is a valid test. I just chose the least offensive one each time. From your pictures on the blog, I kind of like the "Explorer" signature style.

  4. I Looooved the teal wall (it's not turquoise)!

  5. AND I did end up with the Modern result.

  6. You're right, Tonya - teal is a much better description! I'm sensitive to the turquoise thing because Anna keeps teasing me...after declaring that I don't like turquoise, I keep finding things in stores that I love and they are (of course) turquoise. :P