Monday, August 15, 2011

On A Mission to the Far East

I journeyed far outside my usual "downtown only" bubble this weekend to visit Gilbert, the land of conveniently placed chain stores and children children everywhere. Most importantly, it is where The Most Important Child Ever lives - my nephew took my sister and I on a home decorating trip.

We started at Razmataz, an incredibly cool and eclectic home decorating store. Apparently there are several spread across Phoenix but I've never been to one - it was like walking into Ballard Designs, Costco, an antique store and a pawn shop: very, very cool. The furniture was way outside my price range and, to be honest, mostly out of my style range as well since I don't drift toward overstuffed decorative pillows and tassels on couches. But the details they had were truly outstanding.

I couldn't help but bring one of those "details" home. These letters are made out of magazine pages...

At $30 for the set they weren't cheap, but they are funky and guaranteed to snap me out of any bad mood!

Xavier started our tour with the first thing he spied that fit into the "ball" category. Here he explained the value of a beautiful carved wood decoration with carved silver accents. Note that the much more colorful fake tomatoes were also an option, but he avoided them. Smart kid.

These helmets were too high for our tour guide to know how awesome they were, so I threw them in...

After a pitstop on the over-glamored couch, it was time to move on.

Our tour moved onto Kirkland Home, where our guide bypassed the truly amazing deals on mirrors and artwork to demonstrate the finer points of transportation options offered by the home decorating store.

Note the dog bed in the background of that photo? It became the next highlight of our day as X rearranged the store... he could ensure that potential puppy customers would get the best quality of fine linens.

One more stop at Marshall's, where Aunt Beth found the perfect table lamp for her living room and Xavier found the perfect new hardback for his library.

After our store tour, Xavier got a two-hour nap while Anna and I tackled a painting project - fun! Details to come...

(Pssst, Anna: I picked the pictures of the "H" and the "A" letters of my fun magazine letters so X could "read" my blog. Just in case you didn't catch that. ;)


  1. Love this post & especially the pictures! Now we know what to get X for his 2nd birthday~ a doggy bed! And I thought you chose "H" and "A" because it was a shortened synonym for the longer "L A U G H."

  2. I actually laughed out loud reading this blog. Yes, I was there in person, but your commentary makes everything way more amusing. Life with Xavier...and you for that never dull.

    I think $30 for all the letters was a steal, and I love things that have a story & a 'oh that was a great day!' tale whenever you think of them.

    Cheers to more fun days ahead in God forbid....the land of suburbia ;)