Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mood Board: Extreme

I found a new way to create great mood boards! I learned about from Living with Lindsay, a favorite blog, and predict that I will waste countless hours creating online dream rooms. Until I get the hang of the new technology, however (and the new ways they'll find to sell me wonderful decorating items!), I resorted to the good old-fashioned "paint" program on my practically-archaic laptop. Long story short, it made it into a tiny photo so I just took a picture of the zoomed-in project...forgive the bad quality!

I doubt my living room mood board surprised anyone who knows me - it's very, very me. (To be honest, I'm surprised there are enough people like me to make something like a French language rug a real West Elm item!) This first draft of my bedroom mood board, on the other hand, is unlike anything I've ever done in a home...and I love it.

The grey and yellow color scheme was inspired by my favorite outfit - I always have a good day in the grey suit with yellow shirt, and it gets even better if my yellow shoes are a part of the ensemble. Through the wonders of Pinterest, however, I discovered that I had actually hit on something trendy: decorators also love grey and yellow!

There are a lot of great bedspreads I've found, but I really love this duvet cover from West Elm. This slate grey is really soothing...

This is a different color (also gorgeous!) but it shows the texture better.

I would consider splurging on these sheets if they didn't use "U" for the lovely word "you," but apparently it's hip to abuse the English language at CB2. I'll keep looking for something with these same colors in it.

This rug is gorgeous! It's WAY outside of even my For Purposes of Dreaming List, but since no one said mood boards had to be realistic, I'm adding it anyway.

I love the idea of creating a shades-of-grey Subway sign board with favorite places and memories, similar to this one from Lemon Drop Life.

Another (and more notable) DIY project: a laundry room door similar to this one. The sliding door would be perfect for both covering up the laundry room when I don't want to see it and covering up the weird window looking into the bathroom when...well, when I don't want anyone looking into the bathroom (duh).

Some details I already have, like two of these great floor lamps from Target:

There are many art possibilities, since I have a huge wall to fill. I would prefer an original of this, but I suspect that an original Monet is slightly out of my price range.

I love this picture, but want  something more unique.

So there you have it - the dream start to my grey and yellow world!

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  1. Lovelovelove the yellow sliding door and Subway signs. AMAZING!!