Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Kitchen Paint: FAIL!

I always thought paint companies recommended buying a sample of your desired paint color just as a way to increase their revenues. An extra $2.99 per customer and you're talking serious cash, Mr. Behr.

I now know that $2.99 is money well-spent, whether or not it is a giant scheme by the paint-making world.

Last week, I spent a lot of time prepping my kitchen walls. Has anyone ever noticed how hard it is to sand down dried paint drips on paint with a semi-gloss finish? My fingernails will never be quite the same. After climbing on cabinets like Catwoman (I was careful, mom!), I was finally ready to get out the paintbrush and break into the "Spring Rain" paint can I'd been storing in the kitchen.

I hate it! It's very turquoise, though these pictures don't really capture the full whoa-what-just-happened-here effect of the paint. I shouldn't have been adventurous - I wanted to have the option to do an accent wall in one of the darker shades in order to match the beautiful table I have in the breakfast nook, and grabbed the first sample I found in order to be spontaneous.

So now it's back to the drawing board. I will be trudging back to the Home Depot paint counter in the near future to re-invest in Behr and get something more true blue rather that Too Twinkly Turquoise.


  1. That's a pitiful shade of watered down turquoise. What I'd love to see (doubt you'll do it cause I ummm, may do color a bit more than you?) is something like this: Just one one wall, nothing crazy aquarium feeling, just a highlight. Come onnnn, what do you have to lose? Dare you! Then give it a week or two and see if your eyes adjust ;)

  2. I love that table and I totally agree with Anna!