Monday, August 29, 2011

It Just Kilz Me

I was armed with good intentions this weekend, and found a project that seemed to be free. The previous owners of my house left a huge five-gallon bucket of paint that appeared to be the same color as most of the walls in the house. Seriously, the former owners painted everything a yellowy cream color. I don't like it for most of the rooms but did want it to be the base color in my hallway, so I dragged the huge bucket of paint out and started freshening up the hall.

It went smoothly except for a couple of problem spots. There had been some water damage in the hallway - spots that I thought would be covered up quickly by a coat or two of paint:

After two coats of paint, however, the spot was refusing to hide. It sucked paint up in seconds and, while I appreciate fast drying paint, this was a problem.

I didn't want to go buy primer. Not because of the cost (though that was a consideration) but because I couldn't stand the idea of going shopping in the 115 degree heat. So I dug out my old friend Spring Rain, which was Behr Ultra - made of primer and paint! Three coats later, I still had the problem.

So I gave up, cranked up the car air conditioning, and journeyed to Home Depot. It turns out there are multiple kinds of Kilz - a fact that I did not know since I hadn't even known Kilz existed until I googled the scholarly and grammatically creative phrase "water damage paint work." Kilz Pro does not have stain covering which was, of course, the purpose of my Home Depot trip. So I bought the correct kind (I hoped) of Kilz, happened to come across a lot of other great project "ingredients" that wanted to come home with me, and I returned home.

Thus, this is the first project reveal from my eclectic stash of possibilities I posted this weekend!

That primer is some serious stuff. It reminded me of the white-out-on-the-face ordeal my sister and I had during one of our few fights...though, thankfully, the Kilz comes off easier than white-out does.

So hours later, my hallway has a smooth new coat of paint that hides all its former scars (except those wall-mounted lights that seriously have to go), and it's ready for the stripe challenge that is coming its way in the near future!

P.S. I just realized I never mentioned that this water spot was on the ceiling. My neck is VERY glad this project is completed.

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