Tuesday, August 2, 2011

If You Can't Be With the Plants You Love, Love the Plants You're With

I've already complained about the sad tales of my plants' depressing and short life cycles, and I had given up until the Phoenix weather became more hospitable to all creatures green and small. So I will offer a more cheery outlook on the status of plants in my backyard: they're growing like weeds!

Now some would say that is because they ARE weeds, but my mother was much kinder: Weeds, she assured me, are only weeds if they're unwanted. And these lovely things are definitely wanted - they add life to the backyard and they really do grow like mad. I'm planning to trim them back soon...but until then I'm just happy about the little white flowers that need very little care or watering.

Mock me if you must, I don't care. I'm calling them foliage and talking kindly to them every time I'm outside.

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