Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Happy Case of Weird Priorities

Fewer than 1/3 of my house is painted, yet this week I got distracted from the rooms people notice and instead focused on my pantry/kitchen closets. These closets are really amazing and I spent hours of apartment life dreaming of something even half this roomy. They are tall and shelved and happy to hold all my earthly goods...or at least, they hold brooms and paper towels.

I bragged earlier about the organization I'd created for my cleaning closet on one side of the doorway:

But I knew that was not the final product. Months ago, I fell in love with these pantry walls on Pinterest:

Armed with paint left over from my kitchen wall, I tackled the pantry - and am in love with how it turned out! The hallway is too narrow for me to get a decent picture of the whole closet, but at least this provides me with another opportunity for you to see the gorgeousness of the Wonder Blue paint.

Eventually, I'll get the energy to stencil them...but that's a project for another day (or month!).

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