Friday, August 19, 2011

Go Bright or Go Home

My paintbrush and I traveled to my sister's house last weekend, and we joined forces with her great taste and incredible blue paint tape skills. Seriously, this woman can create the best paint line I've ever seen with blue paint tape. Mine turns out awful every single time and I am positive I use the same strategy as Anna does (short strips of tape, in case you're wondering).

Anna's taste in paint often causes mere mortals to run for their sunglasses. "Go bright or go home" is her slogan, and also one of the funniest things I've ever heard in a Lowe's. Her ability to pick bold colors should have earned her the opportunity to host her own HGTV show, but instead I'm lucky enough to keep her. I even take her advice a modified fashion.

I've helped Anna paint before, and it's always a super-fun experience. First we painted the master bedroom in her new home. The untrained eye would call it orange, but it is the most stunning, gorgeous room I've ever seen either on or off HGTV. It captures that vibrant approach to color that I saw all over Italy. It's the kind of color that actually warms your soul...even if it gives your HOA manager a minor heart attack.

These pictures don't do justice to the color of Anna's room, but they do show it off...and they illustrate her impressive ability to accessorize.

The next painting task was the nursery, and it was the most delightful paint job I've ever done. Anna couldn't actually help with this one because Blueberry (my nickname for my not-yet-born-but-already-my-buddy nephew) was still baking. Eli and I tackled this paint job, and that is when I became addicted to those little roller brushes for painting by the ceiling. Here's the nursery before...

...and after!

We intended to paint colorful circles on the walls but never actually did...until Anna found stick-on circles in the perfect color from one of those paint decal stores. Bought them at Ross for $5 - now THAT sure beats trying to stencil in circles all over the room. (The adorable artwork was drawn by a caricature artist in San Diego.)

So that brings us to last weekend's project...the kitchen. I forgot to take any good "before" pictures, but you've seen the color already. It's the standard home color - lovely brown that warms up the room but doesn't make a statement. The small wall at the end of the kitchen has a great window (I call them "distractor windows," since they're right in front of the sink and you can stare out them while you do dishes yet AGAIN that day), and was ready to be an accent wall.

Here's a hint:

And here's the final product! None of the pictures really capture the color and overall effect - the lighting changes it in pictures. But it really is gorgeous and I'm sure my nephew will be a master chef because this kitchen makes even ME want to cook.

So there you have it: go bright or go home!


  1. Mom with latte colored wallsAugust 20, 2011 at 7:24 AM

    This confirms what I have always declared:
    We have 2 very colorful daughters!

  2. We balance eachother out nicely ;)

    Thanks for showing off my home, blog girl. I should show them pictures of my grey wall in the bedroom or olive wall in the office to prove I'm not a COMPLETE Crayola box addict...ok, maybe I am....