Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gifts from Home Depot

I wandered to Home Depot after work tonight to buy more paint (update coming soon!), and had a lovely experience. My interactions with the Home Depot paint counter personnel are not usually nice at all - it seems that every time I spend money there they get ruder. Tonight was very different. There was one guy manning the whole counter, but he took time to be polite while he took my order. And when I asked him where I could buy a Sharpie marker, he both directed me to the correct aisle and just gave me a marker that he had in his pocket but didn't need. Seriously! That's the kind of thing that happens in the Payson Home Depot, not one in the busy center of Phoenix - I love it.

I was also adopted by a balloon while I was there. I was searching paint samples yet again for the perfect inspiration to strike, and when I turned around there was a white balloon in my cart. It had floated down from a display in the next aisle, and was planted firmly in my cart. Now to understand my reaction, you'll need to keep in mind that I'm still dealing with the mental instability that comes with the loss of a pet - the fact that I was chosen by a balloon was a welcome addition to my evening. He came home with me, and he doesn't even need a litter box.

Cheers for Home Depot...now I'm off to tackle the paint brushes again.

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  1. Balloons will make me smile forever & always. Between Italics & Xavier, we've got quite a mental memory lane attached to those little ribbons.

    I signed my Sbux receipt this morning in a sharpie. The guy apologized, saying it was all he had. I told him I felt oober cool & wanted to sign all of my receipts in sharpie from now on :)