Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fooled by Martha

Ok so let's just admit it: I'm addicted to this Pinterest Challenge concept. This week I haven't had the time or energy to tackle the crafty projects I'd pinned, but the Pinterest-inpired organization tactics are perfect.

As I've mentioned before, this sheet-storage tactic fascinated me.

I spent countless hours repackaging opened sheet sets when I worked in retail stores, so I am pretty confident in my fitted-sheet-folding skills. (Sure, I only made minimum wage at Ross but I learned these life-altering ways to adjust to adult life!) I delved in. My first attempt looked pretty good, until I looked at the inspiration photo again.

Discouraged, I tried again with a flatter approach to the task. Never mind that the sheets no longer fit in the cabinet; I was determined.

Now I was really baffled. So I visited the original site that inspired my pin...and suddenly it all became clear: Martha Stewart created this idea.
Martha Stewart?! No wonder it didn't work in real life!

Feeling much more justified (and hungry, since I'd wasted a LOT of time on this challenge), I brought out this drawer that my sister kindly donated to my Organization Battle. Now THIS is inspiring.

My sheets are now barely folded and stuffed inside the drawers, but it looks really nice. ;)

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  1. Somehow Martha's pillowcases look freakishly small. - cal

  2. I tried the same thin last week with my sheets and they just don't look nerly as nice as the photo. So hard to make them so perfect. Oh well, still achieves the same purpose!

  3. I have pinned that same image too but never got around to trying it! I might give it a miss after reading this!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha @ 5 Minutes Just for Me

  4. I actually use this trick in real life, but much sloppier--I just fold the sheets and tuck them them all inside the pillowcase. It doesn't look anywhere near as neat but it does keep all the sheets corralled. (Then I close the door to the linen closet and I'm not bothered by it.)

  5. I love that you did the pinterest challenge! After our kitchen table project I have been slacking on home improvements! Glad to see you back and blogging!!