Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Aisle of Disappearance, Or It Must Be Bulk Trash Week

It's Bulk Trash Week in my area of town, and boys and girls everywhere have spent the last week dreaming of the possibilities, counting down the days until each house reaches Freedom From Clutter. Not really, of course, though this girl gets pretty psyched about the possibilities. Last time I had a much more impressive list of contributions to the Phoenix landfills...this time, my efforts were hampered by lots of factors. Okay really there was just one factor: It. Is. HOT. It's too hot to do yardwork so there are no trimmings or plant remains to put in the bulk trash pile - and since the heat has killed most of my landscaping attempts, there's not a lot left.

I did have one notable contribution that had been waiting for the big week. The former owners left a lovely refrigerator in the garage...with the electrical cord cut. A former resident of this house was apparently fond of cutting electrical cords, since I've found more than one appliance in such a state. Anyway, I had neither the knowledge of how to repair the cord nor the time to figure it out - especially since I have a perfectly nice refrigerator in my kitchen already.

Getting the fridge out to the alley turned out to be a challenge. I pushed, pulled and strained until I got it firmly lodged here: in the gateway.

I finally gave up and asked for help, and by the end of the day the fridge was in the alley...and then on its way to a new life somewhere.

You see, my neighborhood has alleys that magically turn into Aisles of Disappearance. I have never seen anyone in the alley at all so I have no idea what happens, but somehow things disappear within hours. I wish I could find the people with trucks and muscle enough to move a refrigerator when I want to do a furniture-buying trip to IKEA! I was grateful for their timeliness/greed/ability to serve, however, because now I can believe the fridge is going to be put to good use rather than rotting in a landfill somewhere.

Unless those ambitious souls return tonight, I will have managed to contribute a few things to bulk trash week:

- Baseboards (lots of them - my house is now old-baseboard-free!)
- Old lattice (I haven't done a thing with it since the last bulk trash week, so this time it got to go too)
- An old rug
- An empty paint can (ONE paint can?! How have I made such little progress?)

Hopefully I'll have a productive autumn so I can help make November's bulk trash week a more notable occasion...

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