Saturday, June 18, 2011

Don't Call It A Comeback

I've been here all along! I just didn't want to pass on my frustration and exhausted outlook on life. It's hot here (duh), and as I have wilted in the miserable sun all my plants have, too. It was depressing, to put it simply. But now I'm learning to accept the Facts of Life in Phoenix. I had a therapy session with a wonderful woman who used to do landscape design, and she taught me an important lesson: Home Depot deceives. It turns out the plants don't just die when they get to MY house - they die in everyone's yards at times because they're not always ready for the lovely, balmy Phoenix weather (insert bitter sarcasm here). So she helped me "triage," and provided therapy as I said goodbye to these poor soldiers who are on their way to Plant Heaven (not to be compared with Planet Hollywood which is a very, VERY different place).

Mr. Tomato apparently has seasons, and this is not his. His offspring will come back in the fall when I plant a new one.

Senor Cilantro just didn't like the four-day weekend drought he got while I spent time in Payson a few weeks ago, and he decided it was his time to go to a better place.

Madam Canna Lily likes San Diego more than Phoenix...I can only assume her lack of care for her appearance means she's started a life near the beach somewhere.

And Les Lantanas are just resting while they wait for a long drink (it's 5 o'clock somewhere, they tell me), and will recover soon.

A little knowledge goes a long way...I now will turn to the Phoenix Master Gardeners and AMWUA instead of those creeps who say the plants need "at least 6 hours of full sun" when really they just want to sit in the shade and drink all day.

Live and learn.


  1. And this is exactly why I don't even attempt to garden. Especially in Phoenix. Tomatoes? I settle for those from Sprouts. Flowers? Sam's Club has some great deals. I've lowered my expectation of my gardening self and have experienced FREEDOM! Thanks for the inspiration. You can do it!

  2. The good news is Home Depot admits their lies and has a great return policy on dead plants. Remember the beautiful jasmine for a year that decided it's life was over? Yep. Full return. I do recall someone else giving you sound advice on 'don't take it personally, just wait until fall." I think that sound advice person also said something like "Why don't we focus on the inside for the next few months? A/C, iced tea, listen to music and paint". Wow....that person's really smart....