Sunday, June 19, 2011

Birds Are Pigs, and Other Observations of Nature

One of the things I was most excited about when I bought my house was putting up a bird feeder. Mom has always had crowds of birds following her from house to house and I think they're relaxing to have around.
My trusty assistant helped me load up the feeder and hang it outside...but I wasn't prepared for the mess those adorable little birds can make. Seriously, it was amazing. So I went on a quest for a stand I could put over dirt in the backyard in order to resume hosting feasts for the feathered neighbors.

The one I wanted was at Home Depot...kind of. They had one set up but none for sale in the store and none on their website. My attempts to negotiate with the not-quite-awake-and-definitely-not-polite employee were not successful so I gave up. My Home Depot trip yesterday was much more productive, though - they even had grown ups working there on a Saturday! The floor model was stuck in a corner so I claimed it as my own and marched it to the register with the $25 price tag on it. I boldly asked for a discount since it had clearly been set up outside for awhile, but secretly thought that was even better because then I wouldn't have to put it together! I expected 10% (all former Ross employees know that 10% is the magic number that gets the annoying bargain shopper off your back without getting you in trouble with the manager, by the it never hurts to ask!). The cashier gave me $10 off - a 40% discount for my coveted bird feeder stand!

Elated with my victory, I marched to the car...only to discover that while my Saturn has a Transformer-like ability to fit almost as much as a small SUV, this was not one of the times it would be able to help me. After several minutes of comical attempts to contain all the angles of the stand into the trunk, I gave up and accepted that part of the money saved must be used to get a screwdriver to take the thing apart. The ridiculousness of the whole ordeal was pretty hilarious and it made me grateful I've never had a desire to have reality TV show cameras following me.

The stand is now rooted in its new home and seems to be a big hit. Those birds can EAT - it's amazing. They have an interesting system of self-governance, too...people in line at Stickler's need to take lessons in patience and orderly food lines.

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  1. About 50% of the time we get good service at Home Depot... The other half, I feel like getting someone fired. I must say, I am very impressed with your negotiating skills!