Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Shear Madness

In between glorious rain showers this evening, my shearers and I had a great time cleaning up the yard. I began with the Palo Verde tree, which I think has been suffocating my Mexican Bird of Paradise so it does not bloom. It seems to be the only Bird of Paradise not blooming in Phoenix right now, so it was time for desperate measures. Half an hour and a lot of scrapes later (did you know Palo Verde trees have thorns?!
They look so green and innocent until they're literally falling from the sky and impaling themselves on your face. My nose may never be the same.) the tree looked much more trim and the Bird of Paradise could take a deep breath of sunshine and fresh air and hopefully start blooming in celebration of my accomplishment.

A wise man once said that to a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail...and, after all, I'd gone to the trouble of getting the shears out of the garage - so I moved to the front yard and tackled every bush in sight.

These unruly little hedges had begun to go crazy - a good sign that they'll survive without much water, but a bad sign for my efforts to look like I'm getting my yard under control. So the shears tackled them next, and they quickly went from overgrown (left side) to tame and civilized (right side). Eight bushes, one big trash bag and a couple of blisters later, I claimed victory and gave up for the night.

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