Monday, May 23, 2011

Now You See It...Now You Don't

I was introduced to the power of bulk trash week, and I'm a huge fan. For one thing, it was ridiculously motivating. Human nature adapts, I guess, but I'd reached the point where I didn't even notice the junk piled up around me anymore. The clutter that kept me up at night when I first moved in no longer seemed so mind actually started to come up with things like, "well maybe those white trellis panels will come in handy if I decide to plant a vineyard," or "hey, maybe I'll NEED a dirty old office chair in the garage if I'm too tired to walk inside!" Ridiculous. But the concept of someone ELSE coming to just cart away the junk was rejuvenating. It was the cleaning equivalent of Monty Python's holy grail being just around the corner (African swallow, anyone?). So I worked all weekend to create a very impressive pile of junk in order to make the Phoenix Solid Waste employees feel oh so needed.

I should note that this picture would have been much more impressive if all the junk had actually stayed in the pile (and also if it hadn't been taken at 11 p.m. when it was too dark for me to even see where the camera was pointing). I'd heard rumors that people bring trucks through to pick up things that are left out for the trash men, but as someone whose favorite red truck was discovered from a trip to the dump with dad who am I to judge? (Seriously, that truck was COOL - the doors actually opened.) Things just kept disappearing and it wasn't all because of the people who appreciate junk. A huge pile of tree trimmings (which I'll brag about soon) mysteriously moved from my neat pile in the alley into the trash can, where they're not supposed to go. Anyway, my Inventory of Bulk was pretty impressive:
- 17 cans of paint
- An old flourescent light base
- Six enormous pieces of white trellis, with leftover rusty nails and wire hanging from them
- Nine huge bags of leaves and dead weeds
- A big pile of tree branches
- An old office chair
- Numerous pieces of an old moldy shelf
- An old car stereo that was left in the hall closet

Not bad, huh? I was proud of my separation from junk and, as you can see, the alley looks infinitely cleaner. The yard looks even more improved. Photos soon...

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