Sunday, May 1, 2011

Making the Most with Compost

Ok so I have lived in the house for two and a half weeks now and still have not posted any of the delightful observations and tales I've been collecting. Since I have to start somewhere or the blog will move even slower than the thesis I'm supposed to have done in seven weeks, I'm delving in to share the tales of my Sunday adventures.

Driven partly by my hippie-esque tendencies and partly by my concerns about hogging the shared trashcan in the alley, I tackled a compost bin today. I'd researched compost bins and discovered they can cost hundreds of dollars. Not cool. But then my heroes over at saved the day (again) by demonstrating a $10 and under version they've used for years. Armed with a borrowed electric drill, a $6 plastic bin from Home Depot, and enormous piles of leaves and dead grass piled in the yard, I followed their directions and created a masterpiece. Now I just need kitchen products to add to it...a great reason to make poached eggs for breakfast!

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