Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Magic of IKEA

IKEA's magic isn't all find amazing things, but money miraculously flows out of your wallet when you're not looking. I had just such an experience last night but I'm so happy with my treasures that I don't even mind being broke until payday.

The biggest splurge was a collection of gorgeous Japanese lanterns that are...wait for powered! It's the perfect solution to my not-an-electric-plug-in-sight backyard patio, and I can't wait to post a picture of them.
It may be awhile until I have time to display them properly but for now here's a "before" picture of how bland my patio looks without them. You can't see them well in this photo, but the lights are all out sunning themselves on the table so I can try them out when it gets darker.

My other IKEA treasures include this old-fashioned jar that reminds me of
Grandma Breeding's kitchen (I'm hoping if I put flour in it I will feel like baking more often);

these great bookends that work because of my name (apparently they were designed to reflect the "Billy" bookcase brand which is, I think,even worse than people who wear those "Foxy" shirts; I'll only advertise for your company if you pay me for it, people!) that are beautifully displayed on my new favorite household item - the entry bench donated to the cause by Ken and Amy;
this slightly-too-masculine-but-I-love-it-anyway bedspread; and, most importantly, this table lamp.

I love this lamp for several reasons: first, it's gorgeous (duh). Second, it reminds me of the one Abe and Tonya have that I love (is it possible it's the same lamp?!). And it reminds me of Grammie. Years ago, she said she wanted to buy it for me when she saw it in the IKEA catalog. I don't remember how we were on the subject of IKEA but she loved it because of the cherry blossoms on it and said she wanted me to find a place for it in my apartment. I'd like to think she's happy to see it on my dining room bookshelf even though I was the one who actually purchased it. Mille grazie to the IKEA staff and shoppers who left me alone while I had my emotional breakdown in the lighting department.

In order to prove that IKEA is capable of unmagical things, however, I'm posting this picture of the chair cushions. This is what happens when I buy things without using my favorite measuring tape first.


  1. She was there in Ikea with you I am sure... I love that you bought the lamp!! all the things (ok, maybe not the chair cushions) are wonderful.. can't wait to see them in person.. love the blog too!!!

    aunt Sally

  2. The lamp is stunning and I've always loved ours, but we recently discovered ours was mysteriously cracked no doubt due to either Abe's fitful sleeping routine or our careless house cleaners (who we have since fired and now have a wonderful woman come in twice a month). My favorite thing about this post is not the shout out to Abe and I, but the reference at the beginning to my favorite show HIMYM. Loving your house adventures!