Wednesday, May 18, 2011

In an earlier post I promised more details on my too-good-to-be-true solar lanterns from IKEA, and since I'm now enjoying them every night I wanted to share them. As you may remember, my patio lacked light and life though it is a shady, enjoyable place to spend time.

I was skeptical about the promises made about these lanterns. I expected the lights to not work, or the fabric to be flimsy, or the solar panel to forget to soak up rays throughout the day. It is entirely true that IKEA did not tell the truth...these lanterns are much, much better than promised. They soak up sun and then dutifully turn themselves on as the sky darkens each night.

They're just as pretty during the day, too - I've discovered I can almost be hypnotized by staring at the wonderful lanterns swinging gently in the wind.

I thought I spent a fortune on my treasure ($15 for the big white one and $10 for the smaller; $8 for the large blue one, which was on clearance) but then saw a similar lantern listed at over $40 in this month's Real Simple magazine. Knowing I got a good deal makes me like these gorgeous additions even better.

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