Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Hills are Alive with the Sights of Inspiration

Almost everything got put on hold this weekend as I enjoyed Payson and family. Like any good student, I dutifully packed up my computer and notebook - I even opened the "thesis in progress" document, then ignored it as I spent hours googling house decorating ideas and landscaping tips. (I love our not-quite-chats on pinterest, Tonya!) But who can study Ogilvy's insights on advertising fonts when the possibility of a good book and iced tea on the deck await?

So school got put on hold and my "to do" list of research and letter writing didn't get very far, but my "settle the nest" project was inspired. My parents' house provides the feeling that all hotels/bed and breakfasts/lodges/communes/window company advertisements/politicians/chair makers promise: a place that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed just as you are. While I can't transport the mountains (even if my faith could move them, I like them just where they are next to my parents' deck) and I can't bring back the great weather (though I plan to complain a lot about not taking that back to Phoenix with me), I can tackle some of these small details to make home more homey:

Sun tea! I feel like the 4,695 people who advocate for solar energy at the state Capitol: if they're using the sun efficiently in Payson (or Oregon, or Texas, or...), we should be using it in Phoenix! I shudder to think of the number of $3 over-brewed cups of Starbucks tea I've had when I could have been consuming entire jars of THIS yumminess. And unlike those at the Capitol, I'm not going to demand a tax credit to put the sun to good use.

Though I'm sure I'll get disagreement from those who have been required to water my plants, or even participate in my lengthy tour of my plants, I am sure that I need more plants in pots.
I need them in groups and I need them on shelves and I for sure, without a doubt, need more flowers. So there.

Nice, coordinated outdoor lights. The front door got royal treatment immediately (though I'm still ignoring the broken doorbell), but the outdoor lights in the back continue to look like the random remains of a 1980's home show. These lights are just beautiful and they even match the paint - very inspiring.

Strategically-placed bird feeders. Look at this - it's like a five star restaurant for feathered friends! My bird feeder gradually became a big hit (and I mean "hit" literally - birds would actually fight each other quite mean-spiritedly in order to feast there), but also created serious concerns about the cleanliness of my sidewalk below. I've got to find a spot where birds can be happily attacked for food, and I don't have to spend hours scrubbing just to avoid regulation by the county environmental health department.

Relaxation with family and friends. I need to stop stressing about what color to paint the living room and instead start enjoying living in it.

Love you, mom and dad - thank you for a wonderful (and longer than expected) weekend!

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