Tuesday, May 17, 2011

DC Inspiration

I was inspired by countless gardening ideas I saw in DC this weekend, only to be crushed when I discovered that most of the things I loved are somewhat obsessed with being in moderate, balmy climates. Since I don't take pleasure in watching plants suffer and I've given up on recreating DC climate in Phoenix (there just aren't enough mister systems!), I'm sticking to just a few of these great ideas.

Wood chips. There are wood chips covering just about every planter, yard, and public garden - they provide a wonderful feeling that somehow transports rural relaxation into the middle of the city.

Lantana. I already knew I loved this plant (little water AND lots of flowers? Yes, please.) but seeing it outside the Smithsonian ensured it gets a prominent spot in my front yard.

Edible Art. These hanging plants outside the Smithsonian made me actually want to eat a salad.

Non-mowable Grass. I'm a big fan!

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