Monday, May 2, 2011


I have baby sunflowers! I threw some seeds into the backyard about 10:00 one night a couple of weeks ago because I felt more inspired than realistic, and there they are: a lineup of the most adorable little green things. I'm not sure how long they'll live since it gets pretty hot where they're planted and the soil isn't great, but I will enjoy my new babies as long as they stick around. They'll be good therapy for my inner perfectionist, since there's no logic or consistency to where they're planted - I started out putting a seed in every 8 inches (after carefully calculating the number of seeds divided into the feed of space along the wall) and halfway through realized that my calculations had somehow gone terribly wrong (not as wrong as my calculations on the SAT, but that was hopefully a lifetime low never to be repeated). The second half of the wall just has random outcroppings of sunflowers where the seeds got scattered. I'm sure Christ could have turned my Seed Scatterings into a great parable, if He'd been here to watch the mess.

Most of my yard space is still a complete disaster so I'll show only pictures of the parts that look good. Here's my lovely group of flower babies on the front far, they're all still alive too!

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  1. I cracked up when I saw a post about babies! Matt and I call them seedlings, but whatever they are, they make me smile. Congratulations! :) - Sarah